Friday, September 28, 2012

What makes a successful app? Be passionate and committed

This is our last Friday tip on what makes an app successful and we saved the most important thing for last. As Lyle and I step toward this new app idea of ours, our next question to ourselves is:

Are we really passionate enough and committed enough to the idea and its success?

 On our best days we are certain the answer is yes.

The thing about starting a business is that it needs about as much nurturing as a baby--it can't exist without you (or someone). There may a few lucky exceptions and, of course, once you have a good business on its legs and earning income, there can be down time. But, for most businesses, there is still a lot of work that needs doing even when things are going very well, even after you have employees.

You need to ask yourself very seriously: can I make room for the work it takes to keep nurturing a new business? To sheperd it to maturity?

You also may want to ask whether the app you are thinking of developing is the right app for your workload capacity--maybe an app that doesn't require a lot of up-front data collection or research is better when you want to put your energy into marketing or design.

Lots of would-be entrepreneurs start out with passion but find themselves beaten down by the stress and time committment of starting a business. More businesses fail than succeed!

But, we are here to encourage you. Maybe you just need to find out by doing it!

If you are organized, good at juggling multiple responsibilities, can go without a full night's sleep for weeks at a time, and can taste success for your app even before it has been developed, then you probably have what it takes to make an app successful.

While you clear your head to focus on this question, try SoDunked! or, help us out and gift it to a friend!

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