Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We launched a free version of SoDunked!

Happy almost Spring!

As we announced at the end of last year, we released a free version of SoDunked!. We did it to see if a free version would help sales of the paid version or increase downloads so that we could consider adding some InApp purchases or ads. (Our free version is just the plain dunking game part without the social networking options.)

This has been an exciting experience so far. Here is a look at the data.

Free App Sales Trend
Paid App Sales Trend
If you compare the downloads for the paid versus the free app during the same period, we had about 100fold  more free apps as paid apps downloaded in the same period. The free apps peaked around the week after we released it. The paid app sales spiked at the same time as the free app. We think this means that the free app did, in fact, drive some sales. The effect was short-lived though. The paid app downloads are not as high, but seem to persist more steadily (and that has been true all year) than the free app looks like it will. But, it is early yet. We know that we need to do more promotion (thanks for all you are already doing, Lyle!!). Still, it is exciting to see the downloads and we have learned a lot to take forward with us on this journey.

Now, get out there and dunk someone! And be sure to tell someone else about SoDunked!.

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