Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lyle on a Real Dunk Tank!

We heard that it is summer in some places around the U.S. Where we live, it has been hard to tell lately. We were considering who or what we could dunk to show our annoyance at the rain and cold pushing far into June when we heard there would be a dunk tank at a local event.What luck! Lyle and I said to each other "this might be just what we need." So, we went.

Two good things came from this event. 1) we met a lot of other local businesses in our area because this was an event sponsored by a "Local First" organization for the local businesses to network with each other and the community and 2) Lyle was a good sport and sat on the dunk tank!
Lyle on the dunk tank looking
casual, but gripping tightly

I asked him what the experience was like:
Me: "Lyle, how did it feel to be up there, perched over the water on a chilly June day?"
Lyle: "Cold! Ya know, it still feels like April."
Me: "Why was your foot over to the side edge of the tank?"
Lyle: "I was holding on for dear life wherever I could."

I was not brave enough to get up there, so I tried not to make fun of him too much. I also couldn't hit the target even once in 10 tries. Darn! (And, oh did he make fun of me!)

At least with SoDunked! your spouse can get dunked without getting wet and you can hit the target a little bit more easily (and you might hear a "Hallelujah" if you're lucky). Try it and spread the word.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

SoDunked! sales were up about twenty percent above average this past week. Woohoo! We do not know whether this is a fluke or a trend. What could have caused it?
  • Were people more annoyed during this period? (meaning they wanted to dunk someone)
  • Were more parents flying with kids? (it's great for a long plane ride)
  • Did we do a better job of marketing?
  • Did someone tell all their friends?!
Well, we cannot say for sure (although we hope it is the latter two reasons), but we hope it continues!

Thanks to all who tried the app this week (and all weeks). Please keep telling your friends about SoDunked!